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Will mobile phone gaming kill off systems like the 3DS?
I doubt it, there will always be dedicated portables.
 100% [ 5 ]
Yes, the 3DS will be the last portable system from Nintendo.
 0% [ 0 ]
Never, mobile gaming is just a fad and will die off soon.
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Probably, unless Nintendo drops their prices.
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Maybe, iPhone and Android gaming could be the future.
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 Resistance 3

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PostSubject: Resistance 3   Wed Sep 07, 2011 5:18 pm

Ahh the flagship PS3 FPS exclusive (I guess you could argue Killzone for that as well, but it started on PS2.) Resistance 1 was a launch title fo rthe PS3, and the one I bought with my system. The game started so slow I played it for 2 hours then shelved it for a month cause I thought it was subpar. Well then I picked it back up and relaized it was a fantastic game.

Resistance 2 came with much hype, and it failed to deliver. It was the first Insomniac game I felt didnt meet expectations, and I wasnt alone there was backlash. So I was not excited for the 3rd installment, enough to not buy at launch. But yay for rentals!

So I started the campaign yesterday and finished it today. Took about 8 hours to complete and it might just be the best FPS campaign of this generation. That includes the Halo's and other FPS games. I loved it. Brought back feelings of the Half Life 2 campaign which in my opinion is the best FPS campaign of all time to this point.

The single player was spectacular, but the online is shit. I had played the BETA and knew what to expect, but the finished game isnt any more fun. Mixing Call of Duty with your genre does not make it good, otheres have tried and I wish developers would realize its not a viable option.

Overall Id give this a 4/5. If the online was better Id 5 star it without remorse. But Its flawed and tacked onto the disk so I have to bring the score down.
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PostSubject: Re: Resistance 3   Wed Sep 07, 2011 6:51 pm

Sounds interesting. If we get the podcast done early enough tonight, let's fire it up! I've never been interested in Resistance. The first one seemed to fit into the 3 star category, never really paid attention to the second, but after the glowing 5 star review on X-Play I think it's time I got acquainted.


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Resistance 3
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