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Will mobile phone gaming kill off systems like the 3DS?
I doubt it, there will always be dedicated portables.
 100% [ 5 ]
Yes, the 3DS will be the last portable system from Nintendo.
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Never, mobile gaming is just a fad and will die off soon.
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Probably, unless Nintendo drops their prices.
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Maybe, iPhone and Android gaming could be the future.
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 Mr. Bean's Wacky World

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PostSubject: Mr. Bean's Wacky World   Tue Apr 17, 2012 1:59 pm

Leave it to me to sift through the shovelware to find the truly great ones out there. I don't know how popular Mr. Bean is in America but this game is based off the cartoon. Each of the 12 levels starts off with a clip from one of the episodes and you're off! You have to collect puzzle pieces and cat food. I know it sounds weird. You also collect teddy bears and hearts for health, and your weapons include slingshots, pirate hats which make you invincible, kitchen pots, and bug spray for those pesky bees. Each level takes about an hour to complete so it's a surprisingly lengthy game (12 levels total).

You can also grab a friend and play one of the 6 or 7 mini games which include jigsaw puzzle, shooting range, wack-a-mole, frog catcher, and a racing game. Music is subpar and difficulty is toned down, but you'll have a hard time collecting everything. 100 pieces of cat food to find in each level, and 3 or 4 puzzle pieces also in each. This was published by the new shovelware company Red Wagon Games in the US. Once again I took a chance on some shovelware....AND ENJOYED IT! Everybody get up off your seats and run down to the store and pick up your copy. Who needs Mario when you have Mr. Bean no we still need Mario.

5 / 5


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Mr. Bean's Wacky World
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